Next stop: Miss Washington

Small-town gal Samantha Przybylek, crowned Miss Kitsap 2008 on March 29, is ready for the limelight. Pageant week 2008 begins tomorrow, when 16 contestants from around the state arrive in Tacoma, culminating Saturday, July 12 with the crowning of Miss Washington 2008, a title currently held by 2007 winner Elyse Umemoto. Between tomorrow and next Saturday’s finale, the contestants will make public appearances, fine-tune their acts and enjoy the week-long festivities, all seeking a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to advance to the Miss America Pageant. How many times in your life do you get to do this?,” Przybylek said Tuesday, excited for the days ahead. Wasson has coordinated mock interviews and helped with wardrobe selection and walking practice, among others, Przybylek said. Working with Michelle (Wasson) is great,” Przybylek said. In three-plus months as Miss Kitsap, Przybylek has logged substantial community service hours, lending a hand to Poulsbo Rotary, Habitat for Hu...
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